Jason Marsh

About Jason

I'm a user experience designer with over three years of experience designing products, graphics, and user interfaces. I specialize in user interface and interaction design for mobile and web products.

Before designing, I was a product photographer, videographer and multi-media artist. As an artist, I learned to quickly master new mediums. As a videographer, I got used to multi-stage creative processes. While working as a product photographer, I created a tool to enhance my photography process, and as a result I got a taste of product design and rapid prototyping. Later that year, I read an article that changed the way I would observe and critique software experiences, and therefore the course of my career.

The past three years were dedicated to advancing my skills in design and front-end development, where design became the more natural skill. In 2014, I began working as a graphic designer at Texas Instruments. In 2016, I became a freelance UX, UI and visual designer, later collaborating with Happy Medium, a web development and design agency in Dallas. 

While at Happy Medium, I’ve shadowed a 10-year UX veteran who taught me about design processes and project management. I studied in-depth design processes from books like "About Face" and "Designing for the Digital Age" and leaner processes from "The Sprint Book," and "The Lean Startup."

Though I work primarily with mobile and web, I'm interested in newer forms of natural human interfaces, such as virtual and augmented reality, wearable, voice and conversational UI. I believe that as tech becomes more personal, powerful and widespread, it's the responsibility of every designer to create experiences that are more natural, more proactive, and more accessible.

When not practicing design, I'm probably reading, listening, or thinking about it. Otherwise I'm probably listening to 🔊☁️ on the 🏀 court.