Jason Marsh

About Jason

I'm an Atlanta-based UX Designer with experience in both tiny startup and large enterprise contexts. I believe that the right combination of empathy, curiosity, design process and statistical analysis will lead to a powerful understanding of the user and a significant reduction in risks.

Before becoming a designer, I spent years learning different professional creativity tools as well as exploring various creative interests, such as photography, videography and multi-media art. Art taught me to be fearless in exploring new mediums and concepts. Videography taught me an end-to-end creative processes. Photography led me to explore of electrical engineering before trying my hand in software. I got a taste of product design and rapid prototyping.

When Iā€™m not designing, I'm probably reading, listening, or thinking about it. Otherwise I'm probably listening to šŸ”Šā˜ļø on the šŸ€ court.