Freelance UI Designs

UI Designer (AUG 2016 — FEB 2017)

RoomeR Help Center Design + Development

This was a two-week UI design project where I created sketches, wireframes, a detailed final design using Sketch. After my design was approved, I pulled my Sketch file into Zeplin, where I was able to more easily look at pixel measurements, colors, and export image assets.

Once the design was ready for development, I collaborated with a front-end developer who had greater knowledge of Javascript, who would write all JS code and help me create a dynamic site rather than a static one. I wrote HTML and CSS.

We then began the process of converting our entire dynamic site over to Zendesk's platform. This phase was by far the most difficult, but was a valuable learning experience.

Click the image above to visit the website.

Click the image above to visit the website.


Life Happens Partners Portal Design + Development

After designing various graphical and marketing assets for Roomer, I took a trip to their New York office and met the team. While there we worked on a design for a page that shows the Life Happens product in the context of various partnerships.

Click the image above to view the website.

Click the image above to view the website.


Moonshot UX Workshop + UI Design

I facilitated a one-day UX design workshop with the founder and one developer to help them design an interface for their social network.

They had already conducted user interviews, so we write down all of the user pain-points and goals. We then placed all of the notes into groups, and placed them on a graph. On one axis was importance, and the other was complexity.

After we knew what goals were both the easiest to solve and the most important, we knew what to solve for. With only the most important goals in mind, we solved some issues by borrowing features from existing products, and other issues by creating our own features.

The interface was then created on the spot through conversation and whiteboarding. After  a rough sketch was drawn on the board, I created a more detailed mockup and passed it to the developer.


Coedit Plugin UI Concept Design

At Happy Medium, we would often discuss new product ideas during weekly meetups. One of those ideas was CoEdit, a live-collaborative email editor for Google Chrome.

During one meetup, we discussed the possibility of implementing CoEdit into any text field in a browser, rather than just emails. We discussed the ways we could make this work, which you can see in the whiteboard photo below.

After discussing, I mocked up a detailed concept of what it may look like.

Coedit Whiteboard

Nail & Key Landing Page Wireframe


Vital Signs Dashboard Design