Mendr Visual Design


App Icon

When Mendr first approached me, they initially wanted a new app icon design for their soon-to-launch product. They already had a logotype, but needed something that was better suited for the size and shape of an app icon.

The entire process was iterative, each time presenting Mendr with a multitude of options to choose from. They would pick a favorite and we would experiment with an entirely new direction.

Mender Wordmark

Influencer Guide

The app icon project was a success, so I continued working with Mendr on another project. This time a design for a guide meant to explain the product vision to influencers, allowing them to better communicate the values and features of Mendr.

At this point I began studying their product and brand. I created a an app flow diagram, tried to imagine what it must be like to be a user of their then unreleased product. I gathered information from their focus groups and market studies, and I roughly defined a few distinct ways a someone may want to use the product.

From this exercise, I felt a greater sense for not only their product, but of what kind of people may be interested in their product. I came up with a brand and style to match.

With this information, I created a kind of scrolling brochure that took the reader through the features of Mendr one by one, with copy that gave Mendr a brand voice.

Mendr Review Guide Final.png
Mendr Review Guide Final.png

Launch Assets

The next wave of projects were all about collateral for their launch at a trade show. Along with designing a tent and booth experience, we also designed printed handouts and a tall banner and produced a video commercial.

For the handouts, we settled on a two-sided flyer, each side appealing to a different audience. One side targeted demand-side users, and on the other targeted the supply-side photo editor.


Mendr Video Ad

The concept for the video came from an exercise I did previously—which was more of an exercise in marketing than user-oriented design—where I narrowed down the different types of potential users into three categories: Fixers, memory-preservers, and creatives.

We then took these one of these categories and created the first in a video series. I assisted in art direction.


Landing Page

The landing page was designed and developed in less than a week, and completed on the morning of the launch.

When I designed the landing page, I wanted it to give people a sense of what the app was capable of before they downloaded it. To accomplish this, I designed an interactive interface. I stayed with the front-end developers and assisted them with HTML, CSS, and direction until it was complete.

Click the image above to view the website.

Click the image above to view the website.


Evolving the Brand Identity

After learning more about our user-base, it was becoming clear that we should target a more mature crowd. I wanted to develop a brand identity system to reflect important moments and the importance of preserving them. Here I was exploring turning the app icon into a logo, simplifying the shape while better reflecting the transactional nature of the app.