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The Home Depot


Enterprise UX means meeting challenges in one of the most neglected areas of people’s lives – their work.


Mendr 2.0


Lead UX Designer

By the time Mendr launched their app, I had been working with them as a design consultant for a couple of months. Once they launched, they asked me to join the team as an in-house designer. Redesigning the Mendr app was my primary project during this time.


Journey Map

The Social Hire

UX Consultant

The Social Hire needed to bring their new startup from idea to a testable reality. I led a design sprint that accomplished this goal in a week. We used the method from The Sprint Book by Jake Knapp of Google Ventures. This consisted of framing the objective, mapping, rapid ideating, storyboarding, and prototyping.



Mendr Visual Design

Visual Designer (Feb—Mar 2017)

Mendr initially wanted a new app icon design for their soon-to-launch product. I worked more closely with them than I had with previous clients, holding a kickoff meeting to try and learn as much about their product, vision, brand, and users. Given the choice between delivering a single design, and being transparent and giving many options, I chose transparency and communication. With all of this input, I was able to deliver a wide variety of different icons, and allow the client to choose their favorite.



Freelance UI Designs

UX Consultant (Aug 2016—Feb 2017)

I began working as a freelance UX and UI designer in August of 2016. First for Roomer Travel, then with Happy Medium for various clients and in-house projects.


Bella & Chloe

Bella & Chloe Lightbox

Product Designer (Apr—Jul 2014)

Shortly after starting at Bella & Chloe as a product photographer, I gained the opportunity to help lead in the design of a new storefront, and re-invent the photography process in a way that prioritized quality over quantity.

A key component of that goal was the need to produce high-quality product photography while maintaining a far more rapid pace than you would find in most professional product photography settings.

In order to accomplish this, I set out to design my own custom photography light box.