Enterprise UX Designer

The Home Depot


Why is Enterprise UX so important?

User Experience Designers excel at resolving complexity, diversity, and nuance amidst diverse users of complicated products. Many of us have enjoyed the benefits of this design-thinking over the last few years—so much that we expect it. But what about enterprise?

The supply chain, for all of its advances in automation technology, is still a complex ecosystem of human-beings interacting with tools and processes. The better those interactions, the healthier the ecosystem. Alongside the efficient minds of engineers and the strategic minds in business, there's a massive opportunity for human-centered research, strategic de-risking, high-level conceptualizing, low-level ground-truthing, and relentless imagination.

This is where The Home Depot sees opportunity. We treat all individuals in our organization as indispensable, especially those at the edges. When it comes to the perspectives and daily experiences their work-lives, we're apprentices to their expertise. The recent appointment of our first ever Chief Product and Experience Officer is a testament to our dedication.

Contributing to this project has been one of the most challenging, humbling and educational experiences of my career. Since starting less than a year ago I've learned and grown with a UX team that has nearly doubled in size. I've been part of a successful campaign to educate a large and highly successful company about the ways of design thinking, and helped spread that wisdom to engineers and managers alike.

Designing better experiences for workers means solving for one of the most underrated and historically neglected parts of people's lives. And there's no shortage of opportunity.